Solid walls in your property could qualify you for a 100% fully funded grant & save up to £500 a year on energy bills

If your home has solid walls, you might be able to get 100% fully funded insulation installed as part of the government's energy savings schemes. That could add up to as much as £500 a year off your energy bills.

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Why should I have solid wall insulation?

Wall insulation will trap more heat in your home, meaning when you turn the heating on, your home will get warm faster and stay warm longer. That means savings on your energy bills as well as a big boost to the environment.

Don’t suffer in a cold home this winter. Financial concerns shouldn’t be a barrier to living in a warm home, and they don’t have to be with the new government schemes in place. We’re here to help you secure the maximum funding available and to make the most of the government schemes on offer. Find out if you could make big savings today.

Are you eligible?

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No benefits required

Whether you’re on benefits or not, you may be entitled to save. The schemes are focused on providing funding for lower income households, but ultimately it’s up to councils to decide who receives funding. That means people on benefits and people not on benefits could qualify for assistance.

Why Is It Free?

Government subsidies. One of the new government schemes is the Flexible Eligibility scheme, known as LA FLEX, and it makes it easier than ever to receive energy saving grants for your property.

LA FLEX gives more power to your local authority to decide who is eligible for government funding, so where you live matters. This is because your local council has the ability to extend the criteria of who can receive support, you can easily check if you’re able to save by entering your post code above. Under LA FLEX, you may be eligible even if you’ve been turned down for grants in the past.

How Can LA FLEX Help You?

LA FLEX is here to help people who may be struggling with the rising cost of energy or people who are living on low incomes. If you need help heating your cold home, whether you’re a homeowner or a private tenant, LA FLEX could help you. All you need to do is check your eligibility using our quick and simple tool, and you could save thousands this winter, and make your home a warmer, safer place to live.

massive savings on energy bills.
protect the environment and our planet from the effects of climate change.
warm and comfortable this winter.
the value of your home.

How much can you save by installing new insulation?

Around a third of all heat lost from a poorly insulated home escapes through the walls. Wall insulation traps that heat, making it one of the most effective ways to save energy in your home. Exactly how much you could save depends on the type of walls you have in your house. Insulating solid walls could save you as much as £500 per year on your energy bills, while cavity wall insulation could save you up to £120 per year. Having your loft insulated could add as much as an extra £30 a year on top of that. You can make use of these savings by benefitting from the government's energy saving grant schemes and start saving as soon as possible.