100% Fully funded Solar Panels!

With your own solar panels, you won't be reliant on fluctuating energy prices, and you can sell excess electricity you generate back to the national grid!

We’re here to help you make use of the government's ECO4 Scheme. Qualify for free solar panel installation and generate your own renewable electricity! Save money, do your bit for the planet and take control of your energy use all at the same time.

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What is the new solar ECO scheme?

The solar ECO scheme is here to help people with the costs of installing solar panels on their homes. It means a pot of £500 million will be shared out among local councils, who will distribute the cash to help lower energy costs and carbon emissions among low-income households. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the effect of rising energy prices and help move the UK towards being a greener and more sustainable country.

Are you eligible?

There are multiple factors that go into deciding your eligibility for free solar power installation. The scheme is designed to help lower-income households but new rules have widened the criteria on who can apply. You do not need to be receiving benefits and your home does not currently have to be on the gas grid. Enter your postcode below to see if the scheme is accessible to you in your local area.

Solar panels, owned outright and 100% FREE!

This is an amazing opportunity to make use of a totally free government backed scheme. The solar panels will be installed at no cost to you, and will belong to you once they are on your roof. Your solar panels will begin working straight away, and you can immediately start enjoying the benefits of significantly reduced energy bills. Protect yourself from the soaring cost of energy, and stop relying on the volatile energy prices and energy companies that are going out of business.

Why are solar panels available for free?

The solar panels are available for free through a government initiative that requires energy companies to help offset some of the costs associated with making our homes more energy efficient. The scheme is called ECO or Energy Company Obligation Scheme.

These schemes are in place to help people who may be struggling with the rising cost of energy or people who are living on low incomes. If you need help heating your cold home, whether you’re a homeowner or a private tenant, we may be able to help you. All you need to do is check your eligibility using our quick and simple tool. You could have a brand new solar panel system installed, entirely for free, and be in control of your own energy.

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Our Story So Far

energysupportgrants.co.uk are passionate about saving you money. We’re here to help you navigate all the processes involved in applying for government energy saving grants to make sure everyone gets a chance to save. We believe acronyms and complicated industry jargon shouldn’t stop anyone from living in a warm, comfortable home, so we’ll guide you through the steps to make use of the schemes the government has made available to help people just like you.

Our story in numbers

tons of carbon saved.
That’s equivalent to
300, 000 +
new trees planted
football pitches of new rainforest or woodland.
And also equal to
81, 563, 300
km of air travel around the world 2,003 times!

Have you been declined for funding in the past?

It’s still worth applying again. The new schemes offer a broader range of criteria, and those who may not have been eligible for help before may now qualify. Take our quick online questionnaire to see if you could save big today.