Reduce your energy bills and make your home a warmer place to live.

Reduce your energy bills this winter and combat rising energy prices with Air Source Heat Pump technology. Heat Pumps provide warmth in winter and air conditioning in summer to keep you in comfort all year round.

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Why is a Heat Pump heating system free?

You could get an entirely free new heating system due to the new government proposals called the ECO4 scheme. Currently, this is on offer to people who heat their homes using electricity, coal or wood. The government grants will pay for you to install a brand new heat pump to help keep your home warm this winter. The scheme is designed to assist people in dealing with skyrocketing energy prices, as well as to make the country more energy efficient and lower the environmental impact of heating our homes.

Are you eligible?

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It costs nothing and could save you thousands of pounds.

You Could Be Eligible

One of the new government schemes is the Flexible Eligibility scheme, known as LA FLEX, and it makes it easier than ever to receive energy saving grants for your property.
LA FLEX gives more power to your local authority to decide who is eligible for government funding, so where you live matters. This is because your local council has the ability to extend the criteria of who can receive support. You can easily check if you’re able to save by entering your post code above.

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How Can LA FLEX Help You?

LA FLEX is here to help people who may be struggling with the rising cost of energy or people who are living on low incomes. If you need help heating your cold home, whether you’re a homeowner or a private tenant, LA Flex could help you. All you need to do is check your eligibility using our quick and simple tool, and you could save thousands this winter, and make your home a warmer, safer place to live.

massive savings on energy bills.
protect the environment and our planet from the effects of climate change.
warm and comfortable this winter.
the value of your home.

Get the latest central heating system technology in your home - Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are a fantastic alternative option for both heating and cooling your home, making them useful throughout the whole year. They are highly efficient in comparison to other heating options, which means you’re likely to use much less energy to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Normally the downside to having an Air Source Heat Pump is the high initial upfront costs of installation, but with the ECO4 scheme, you can get your installed for absolutely no cost. Don’t miss out and check to see if you could save big now!